The Cougarette’s Secret (Book #5) – COVER REVEAL + EXCERPT

The Cougarette’s Secret (available now for preorder HERE) is the final chapter of the Cougarette Series, dropping November 1st.  I am really excited about this one, although I feel bittersweet about ending the saga of CeeCee and Jay.  But alas, it’s time to move on to new projects.  Below is the Kindle cover and an excerpt from the book.  Don’t forget to add it to your GoodReads WTR list. Enjoy!

[Dr. Leslie Okilo] continued. “Tell me, CeeCee: was there ever a time during your affair with Jay that he mentioned that he wanted to get back together? Take things to the next level?”34c7d39d-6ba8-4857-87d1-06496d44e594

“Yes, several times.”

“And what was your response?”

CeeCee bit her lip as she walked beside Leslie. “I’d tell him I wasn’t ready and…”

“And continued having sex with him?”

CeeCee scoffed. “Well, it takes two to tango.”

“You are correct,” Leslie said as she pointed in the air. “But you engaged in sex with a man you knew wanted more than you were willing to give.”

CeeCee felt grains of sands spill into her flip-flops as they stepped onto the beach. “So I’m the bad guy, even though he had sex with me knowing I wasn’t ready to take it to the next level? Oh, and yeah – he had a girlfriend.”

“No one’s the bad guy, CeeCee,” Leslie answered. “You both engaged in an illicit affair with different projected outcomes. He wanted a relationship and you? Well, what did you want?”

CeeCee stopped walking and looked off at the waves of the oceans splashing against the shore. She placed her hands on her hips. “You know what I wanted? I wanted to be free of a label for once in my life, no matter how fleeting the moment. I’ve always been something to a man: His Peanut. His Ceese. His Sweetness. His Gold Star. Never just CeeCee. I wanted something that would be just for me – no strings sex with the best lover my body had ever known. Yes, I love Jay and I knew that one day, I’d want him back. But I had just broken up with Bryce and I didn’t want to be in another relationship. I just…I just wanted hot sex! There. That’s what I wanted.”

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