Okay…so the FINAL book in the Cougarette series (which you can start HERE) drops in seven days. Tiny Squeee!  Big thanks to you, the fans, and the blogs for supporting me and the series! Lots of stuff going on this week before TCS drops on the first!

So, your official To Do List this week:

RSVP for the FB Release Party

Check me out TODAY at 2pm at Vices and Virtues

Keep your EYES and EARS open for my surprise tomorrow morning.

Check out the following excerpt from The Cougarette’s Secret:

Lionel set down his cell and continued.  “Now, as for Jim’Lee. What’s really going on there?”

CeeCee stuffed her phone into her clutch.  “Well, after the blowup at Metro, he’s keeping me at arm’s length.”

“Good. Should’ve never gotten involved with him in the first place, much less hired him.  What were you thinking?”

CeeCee folded her arms. “What do you have against him?”

Lionel put a hand in the air to get the check. “Well, to begin with, he deflowered my underage daughter.”

“Daddy, honestly.  That was almost thirty years ago and he was underage, too.”

Lionel curled his lip. “And? So what? You’ll understand when Miss Bri’s a teenager. Also, he’s a bum.”

“How so?”

“He pursued you when he knew you were spoken for. That goes against Bro Code.”

“‘Bro Code’? Who taught you that?” CeeCee asked as she picked up her salad fork.

“Junior.  Also, Jim’Lee’s still pursuing you and you’re letting him get away with it,” he said as the waiter handed him the check folder.  Lionel slipped his black American Express inside and handed it back in one smooth motion.

“He’s not that bad. If I had made different choices, I believe he and I could have had a happy life,” CeeCee replied before she ate another bite of her salad and pushed the plate to the side.  The conversation was making her lose her appetite.

Lionel let out a cackle. “If you’d chosen him, you’d be in ‘Creek with a house full of high-yellow babies while he was off doing Lord knows what.  Drugs, probably. Wasn’t he a crackhead once upon a time?”

CeeCee frowned. “He had a cocaine addiction and he is over twenty years clean.”

Lionel waved a hand at her. “Whatever. Face it.  If you had married him, you’d be stuck down South, daydreaming about living the life you’re living right now.  Mark my words, Peanut.”

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