Release Week Updates: Monday Surprise + Favorite Series Moments

Happy Monday, y’all!  This is a week packed with fun for me – TCS drops on the first and NaNoWriMo begins the same day.  The Cougarette was my first attempt at NaNo last year so this year’s got me all spooked.  It’s awesome to end the series on the anniversary of the day it began.

So, yeah.  I planned the Craziest Week Ever in advance and on purpose. This surprises no one that truly knows me.

To ease my writing anxiety, I decided to do something nice for those of you that haven’t read the Cougarette Series yet: all of the released books are 99 cents each on Amazon Kindle.

(RIGHT-CLICK the banner to grab your copies and share the link with a friend or two that need some CeeCee and Jay in their literary lives.)

As I prep for the release of the final book of the Series, I’ll also be looking for you to tell me your favorite moment of each book.  In The Cougarette (Book #1), I’d have to say it was the night CeeCee partied with infamous hip-hop A-lister, Billy BadAss:

CeeCee slid the keycard into the slot marked 54th FLOOR – PENTHOUSE – Access Required.  When the elevator doors opened, she was hit in the face with a thick cloud of marijuana smoke.  Loud music boomed through the entryway, which was lined by various partygoers talking, drinking, kissing, smoking and taking hits of cocaine.  When CeeCee reached the end of the main hallway, an energetic Billy appeared.  He held a lit blunt between his teeth and was flanked by a naked woman on either side of his short muscular body.

“Welcome to the suite, Miss CeeCee.  Ladies, won’t you two please excuse me while I give my event planner a quick tour?”

Both ladies gave CeeCee the stink eye as they were dismissed. CeeCee pointed to them as they slithered away.  “I take it they realize they are butt naked while everyone else is clothed.  Why exactly?”

Billy ignored her question and helped her take her coat off, handing it to a nearby bodyguard. “Four bedrooms, two baths. This living room is, like, the central area of the party. We got Niecy’s in the kitchen and, of course, lots of liquor and other party favors spread all over.  Turn up!”

He took another hit of the blunt and passed it to CeeCee. “No, thank you. I haven’t had weed since I was about your age.”

Billy gave her the side eye and waved the blunt in her face. “Post event review.  One hit ain’t gon’ hurt you none. C’mon, for me.”

CeeCee sighed. “This is blackmail, pure and simple.” Billy smiled as she snatched the blunt out of his grasp & took a generous inhale. 

She coughed her lungs out, handing it back to Billy. “What the fuck are they putting in weed these days? Bug spray?”

Billy patted her on the back as she regained proper breathing. “This that hydro shit. Ain’t like it was in the 80s, huh?” He laughed and walked away as CeeCee yelled, “The NINETIES!”

What was your favorite moment of The Cougarette (Book #1)?

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