TCS RELEASE WEEK: Takeover Thursday + 99 Cent Books + Your Favorite CiTC Moment


Wow – feels like November 1st will be here before we know it! TCS is almost here (and you still have time to PREORDER) and I’ll be popping up in two Facebook takeovers on Thursday 10/29 (this’ll give all you #TGIT watchers something to do while you watch Meredith, Annalise and Olivia!):

  • Bitter by the lovely Kaden Matthews – RSVP HERE
  • The Art of Romance’s 5K Likes Celebration – RSVP HERE
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Thanks to those of you who have been retweeting and reposting the sale on the Cougarette Series.  Continue to do so and I will be forever in your debt…okay, maybe not but if you tag me on the retweet/repost, I’ll totally like it and say Thank You like a good Catholic girl!  You can click the banner above to get to my Amazon page or click HERE (I make things so easy for you! LOL!)

CitC Cover - Draft

Your Favorite CiTC Moment

In my last post, I asked you for your favorite moment from Book #1.  This time, it’s all about Cougarette in the Country.  I have to say that this book (second only to the soon-to-be-released TCS) is my absolute FAVORITE of the series.  It was fun to write about CeeCee as a teenager and to have a glimpse into her family.  It also gave me a break from the CeeCee/Jay drama (although as my readers will tell you, there was still plenty of that in CiTC).  Below is my favorite moment – one of the 1988 flashbacks, an exchange between 16-year-old CeeCee and her older & wiser cousin Bobbi:

“Bobbi, we gotta get this stain out before Auntie gets home!” CeeCee was in a panic.  The dirt on Bobbi’s white cotton blouse that she had borrowed looked as if it would never come out.

Bobbi scrubbed away with a hand towel soaked in bleach. “What were y’all doing out in the patch? Play fightin’?  It’s dirt all down the back of—”

She looked up at CeeCee. “You let Jim’Lee do it to you, didn’t you?”

CeeCee broke down in tears as she laid her arms and head on top of the washer.  Bobbi put the towel down and hugged her.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.  He ain’t force you, did he? If he did, I’ll skin his ass!”

CeeCee shook her head through the tears. “No, no.  I…I wanted to do it.”

“Did y’all use a rubber?”

“Yes!” CeeCee cried harder.

Bobbi chuckled. “Well, that’s good.  Girl, sex ain’t nothin’ to be ashamed of. Listen…”

She lifted up CeeCee’s quivering chin. “You a woman now, CeeCee. Jim’Lee is a nice boy. Known him all my life.  There’s a lot worse boys out there you could give your flower to, trust me.  I wish I would have given my flower to someone other than my first.”

CeeCee wiped her face with a hand towel Bobbi gave her from the clean laundry basket. “Didn’t you give it to Jesse?” she asked.

Bobbi laughed as she continued scrubbing the blouse. “Girl, hell naw. He was just the first fool to get me pregnant.   I love Jesse now, but I had two other boys before him.”

CeeCee’s jaw dropped. “You’ve had sex with three people?”

Bobbi shrugged as threw the blouse and bleached towel into the washer. “I believe that if you are of a certain age – at least 15 – and you wanna have sex with someone you like or love, then so be it,”

She started the machine and shook soap flakes into the tub. “Now granted, you shouldn’t be giving your candy to every boy you meet but…you like Jim’Lee, don’t you? He shole like you.”

CeeCee smiled. “I do.  I love him.”

Bobbi rolled her eyes as she closed the lid. “Oh Lord.  Now you in trouble!”

What’s your favorite moment of CiTC? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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