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RELEASE WEEK UPDATES: The NaNo Diaries + Weekend Takeovers + 99 Cent Books + NEW Excerpt from TCS

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, Ghouls and Goblins!
NaNo Crest

I don’t usually do holidays but Halloween is special for me.  It’s the eve of the craziest writing event of the year: NaNoWriMoThe Cougarette was born during my first NaNo last year so I am really hyped to start my newest series during NaNo this year.  The working title is The Craft of Casual Sex (I’m not married to it, but I’m working with it until the REAL title comes to me).  During the month of November, my blog will become a journal of sorts to document my NaNo experience.  So whether you are going on the NaNo journey, too, or are somewhat interested in watching me kill myself little by little throughout the month of November (masochist!), keep an eye out for my entries as you peruse your social media feeds!

TCS Release Week Events Box AdRELEASE WEEK is still in full effect!  I have another takeover on Saturday before my own release party on Sunday.  Be sure to RSVP for both below:

  • SATURDAY 10/31 – One Way Out – RSVP HERE
  • SUNDAY 11/1 – The Cougarette’s Secret – RSVP HERE

99CentBookSaleBannerDON’T FORGET – The 99 Cent Sale is only on tap for three more days!  Be sure to share this link with your Bookworm Buddies (or click it yourself to grab the Cougarette Series!)


Okay.  I’mma be nice to you, my lovely readers…here’s a FINAL excerpt from TCS until the book drops on the first. (Still time to preorder – click the pic of the book to reserve your copy!):

CeeCee had had enough. “Come on, Jay,” she pleaded. “It’s been a month. Can’t we go back to being nice to one another?”

“I left my woman at my crib to come over here in the middle of the night. I am being nice.”

CeeCee bristled inside when he referred to her as ‘my woman’. “Yeah, to Bri. Not to me,” she replied in a huff.

“What do you want from me, Cee?” Jay asked in annoyance. “What else can I give? I fucked you the way you wanted for a month. I let you break my heart – again.”

CeeCee sighed. “And I apologized. Clearly, there was a miscommunication about what was going on between us. I thought we were just, you know…having a fling.”

He leaned his forearm against the wall, closing in on CeeCee. “A fling, huh? So all those nights you moaned in my ear about how much you loved me while I was bangin’ it out – that meant nothing?”

“Of course it meant something,” CeeCee swooned. “I told you this before you walked out on me that night: I loved you…and the sex. It’s still true and I’m not ashamed of that.”

Jay smirked. “You shouldn’t be. I just think you loved the sex more.”

She nodded once. “At times, yes. I mean, sex with you is magical.”

“Is that so?”

“It is. Doesn’t Sophie enjoy herself or is she as frigid in bed as she is out of it?”

(c) Eliza David


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