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The NaNo Diaries – Day Ten: Beyond The Cougarette

Word Count: 22,613/50,000

Insanity Level: 3 – I have two pretty sweet scenes all plotted out so writing should (?) be a breeze tomorrow morning!

What I Like: I have a title! DANCE OF JOY!

What I Hate: Not being able to hit 2K a day this week.  I’ve been CRAZY busy (but what else is new?)

One thing that has weighed on my mind since I began prepping for NaNo this year was trying to make this project (entitled BrewGirl) different from The Cougarette.  It was challenging.  After all, I spent a year crafting the world of CeeCee Banks and Jay Weston.  My readers loved them and were sad to see the series end on November 1st when The Cougarette’s Secret dropped.

Honestly, I was happy to put Those Two to bed (no pun intended…well, a little bit of a pun intended) because BrewGirl excited me.  The concept of my main character Zoe – a thirtysomething quasi-feminist working for a sexist beer company – intrigued me. Giving her two male counterparts (her BFF Ben and her office crush Nick) upped the sexual ante for me as well.  My aim was to make this project its own beast and to keep it as separate from the world of CeeCee and Company as possible.

Now, to be honest, there WILL be some connections between the two stories.  For example, Zoe was raised in Hampton Estates (CeeCee’s neighborhood before she moved to the Big Apple) and Ben shares a last name with a memorable character from the Cougarette series.  That’s just a little treat for my readers because I love them!  But, all in all, BrewGirl is its own animal and this week, I finally feel like Zoe and Nick are their own duo – a couple completely different from CeeCee and Jay.

How different? Well, I won’t go into extensive detail but I came up with a method of comparison that will give you some insight into how the four main characters differ.*

(*NOTE: The following comparisons are subject to change as BrewGirl evolves…)

CeeCee vs. Zoe

Imagine a very crowded superstore. While CeeCee would no doubt be on her Blutooth in the checkout line, telling Laney about her latest blowup with Jay, Zoe would be buying tampons and Funyons at a faulty self-checkout machine – frustrated and annoyed.

Jay vs. Nick

There’s an evening business function. Among this sea of stuffed suits, you’d find Jay having a cognac on the rocks and networking with a group of likewise impressive-looking men in a circle…while Nick, tie untied and top buttons unfastened, is slamming shots with a fellow sales guy in his twenties and discussing just which version of Kim Kardashian’s face was hotter.

I keep both of these visuals with me as I write this month. It’s important that Zoe and Nick have their moments, their opportunity to engage my readers. Let’s face it: there will never be another Cee and Jay…and this bodes well for Zoe and Nick because they have a shitload of drama all their own. Stay tuned, friends!

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