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The NaNo Diaries – Day Twenty-One: Time, Jay-Z, and Other Writing Challenges

Word Count: 35,200/50,000

Insanity Level: 7 – *repeats the mantra “I can make it pretty later…I can make it pretty later…I can make it pretty later…”*

What I Like: The development of Nick Webster. He’s starting to feel like a real person to me.  A real douchebag, but a real person nonetheless.

What I Hate: The dreaded saggy middle.  My current conflict ain’t dramatic enough.  Think I need a little more Alexis Carrington in my narrative…


Nine days remain in this crazy NaNoWriMo season.  This time last year, The Cougarette was roughly 45K down.  I am about ten thousand words shy of that number this year with BrewGirl and it’s needling me.

Not bugging me. Not annoying me.  Needling me.

I can’t trip too much about it, though. Cougarette was my first book and I was really excited to write it.  The narrative spilled out of me and while I’m sure I had my roadblocks, it was an exciting experience participating in my first NaNo.

This time around, however, I have a few things going against me:

  1. Time, as in there just ain’t enough of it.  I work at a dayjob that requires full flair attention, an equally-exhausted husband, two little people with an amazing amount of energy at night, and a TBR booklist that is never going to get finished.
  2. I’m still not really done thinking about my last book series.  I liken it to one of my favorite entertainers: Shawn Corey Carter aka multi-gazillion-dollar mogul Jay-Z. Remember when he said THIS was going to be his last album…but then THIS was going to be his last album…but really (for real this time!) THIS is the final fucking Jay-Z album ever, goddammit! (Even though he released a soundtrack before this album and…wait for it…ANOTHER ALBUM thereafter)?  Yeah, that’s my brain on Cougarette right now and I need to snap out of it and focus.
  3. The thing about NaNo is that thirty days doesn’t give you enough time to delve into the layers of your story.  NaNo’s about getting the words on the page and figuring out the rest later.  It reminds me of that montage in the movie …About Last Night (the original, folks – not the post-racial remake): Sheena Easton’s So Far, So Good plays in the background as we watch Danny and Debbie falling in love, having sex in a bathtub, going to a Cubs game, and all other types of 1986 young love shenanigans. But in the end – just like with your finished NaNo draft – the real work begins. You clean up the mess you made and ignored when you were traipsing around Northside Chicago with your one-night-stand.  You have to put the pieces of the puzzle back together and that’s hard when I have Numbers 1 and 2 to contend with.
So now is the time I buckle down and trudge through with my goal.  I will hit 50K but it won’t be easy.  Maybe I’ll pull a Jay-Z and crank out another Cougarette book once November ends so it can get the fuck out of my head.  Maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll fall in love with my main character – I hope I do, at least.  For now, I will just keep going, keep banging the keys until I hit (and surpass) the fifty.
Only 14,800 words to go…

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