I’m pretty sure the holidays have officially started for anyone lucky enough to be off of work until 2016 hits, but there’s no rest for the weary (aka everyone else, myself included).  No worries – I have something for both the working and the relaxing: an exclusive sneak peek at the first book from the upcoming BrewGirl series, BrewGirl (now available HERE for preorder!).

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As most of my readers may recall, BrewGirl was my NaNoWriMo project this past November (I might have blogged about it a few times…).  I’m really excited about rolling out these new characters to you because BrewGirl is so different from the Cougarette series, yet it has that same sexy flavor you love. Much like her fabulous predecessor CeeCee Banks, BrewGirl‘s Zoe Taylor is as smart as a whip and likes the occasional adult beverage.  She also gets way too wrapped up in a certain young man…but, like Jay was for Cee, is Nick Webster really The One for Zoe?

So stop what you’re doing and get into the moment when thirtysomething beer marketing exec Zoe meets twentysomething sales ingénue Nick for the very first time (this is a draft version, which means it is subject to change!):

After working on the campaign draft for hours, Zoe decided to sneak off to Guapo’s at three.  Ben was off but she needed to wash the taste of BrewGirl IPA off of her tongue. She pulled up to the bar and greeted Ramon, one of the bartenders.

“Pint of the chocolate lager, please,” she said, handing her card to Ramon.

He shook his head. “You know your money’s no good here, Miss Taylor. Mr. Ramirez would kill me.”

She winked with a smile, sliding her card back into her billfold. “That boy’s gonna go broke feeding me free beer.  I’ll still hit you with a monster tip, as always.”

As Ramon returned the wink and walked to get Zoe’s draft, she heard a voice to her right say, “Did someone say ‘free beer’?”

Zoe’s gaze was down as she stuffed her wallet into her purse.  “Yeah, I got it like that.”

“Not surprised,” the stranger replied. “I bet a girl with a rack like yours can get anything she wants.”

Instantly annoyed and prepared to tell him off, Zoe spun her head to face the rude and untoward stranger.  Her breath caught in her throat as she felt hypnotized by the green pools that posed as the beautiful stranger’s eyes.  As her gaze danced across his lean muscular frame, she noted that he looked nothing like the typical stuffed suit happy hour patron that pulled up to Guapo’s bar.  Her attention was brought to his lusciously pouty lips as he gave them a quick swipe with his tongue. She felt herself clench as he continued.

“I’m sorry. Please forgive my inappropriate reply, Miss…” He stuck out his hand to her.

Zoe snapped out of her hypnosis and shook his hand. “Taylor. Zoe Taylor.”

The man raised his eyebrows. “The Zoe Taylor? Of Windy City Brew?

“That’s me, live and direct.  And you are?”

He dropped her hand and took a sip of his own chocolate lager, toasting the pint glass in her direction. “Me? I’m Nick Webster.”

“The Nick Webster?”

He gave an eyebrow wiggle, turning Zoe on even more. “Live and direct.”

Zoe stared at him, still in disbelief. “So what happened to you this morning?”

“I was sick,” Nick said before taking a sip and glancing at the Bulls-Knicks basketball game on the elevated television behind the bar. 

Zoe watched him as he set the beer back on the bar. “Sick, but well enough to drink beer, I see.”

He looked at her as he pointed to the pint. “Hair of the dog.”

“So you were hungover – not sick.”

He nodded. “Same thing.”

“Except not,” Zoe replied.

He straightened his back, his pecs pressing through his thin white t-shirt. “Why’re you so concerned with my absence?  Did you miss me?”

Zoe shook her head with a haughty laugh as she reached for the beer Ramon set before her. “I don’t even know you.”

“Oh, you know me,” Nick said with a smirk. “Your reaction said it all.”

(c) Eliza David – FacebookTwitterInstagram


Click HERE to preorder today – drops in your readers on February 20th!

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