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HAPPY HOLIDAZE: 99¢ Books + Cover Reveal + NEW BrewGirl Excerpt

From my family to yours: Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, and all of that good stuff!

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99CentBookSaleBanner - HOLIDAY 2015
Speaking of good stuff, from now until New Year’s Day 2016, all of my books (including BrewGirl, which you totally need to add to your GoodReads WTR list!) are only 99 PENNIES EACH!!

Click HERE to grab your copies of them all RIGHT NOW!
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Also, a COVER REVEAL for BrewGirl is set for Saturday, January 16th, starting at 3pm CT. Click HERE to RSVP for the Facebook event!
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Okay, time for my Christmas present to you: Another short but sexy sweet excerpt from BrewGirl.  To set the scene, Zoe and Nick are having a drink after their first day working together:

They found an empty booth in the back, next to the wait stand.  The table was dusted with food crumbs and had wet rings in three places.  Zoe began to look around for a hostess. “Table’s dirty.  We need to flag down—”

“Nonsense,” Nick interrupted as he grabbed a damp bar rag from the wait station and wiped down the table himself.  His swooping motions with the towel almost made him seem like he worked there.  Zoe’s eyes trailed down to his perfectly round ass and the slip of tanned skin on his back that peeked out of his polo shirt whenever he wiped the table with an upstroke.

Nick stood upright and tossed the towel back to the wait station.  He swept his arm across the table. “Voila! All clean and you didn’t have to bother a poor hostess during an extremely busy Happy Hour.”

They eased into opposite sides of the booth as Zoe gave him a strange look. “Who knew you were such a helper?”

Nick shrugged as he grabbed a laminated menu wedged between bottles of ketchup and mustard. “What can I say? Being a bartender at one of the noisiest gay bars in L.A. gave me some compassion for working stiffs in the restaurant industry.”

Zoe folded her arms on the table and leaned in. “Repeat that? You were a bartender at a gay bar? But you’re straight…right?”

Be straight, not bi, Zoe silently prayed to herself.

“Straight as 9:15,” he said, wiggling his eyebrows. “But a job’s a job.  The owner said I could keep it as long as I was never seen flirting with a girl on the premises. He told me I had a ‘twink’ look: doe-shaped green eyes, pouty lips, my hair was longer and blonder back in my college days.”

“Which was what, five years ago?” Zoe said with a smirk.

Nick flipped the menu over. “About. I’m twenty-eight. You?”

“God, you’re rude!” Zoe scoffed, giving a small laugh despite herself.

“Because I asked you how old you are? Jeez. Your poor boyfriend must walk on eggshells around you.”

Zoe tilted her head. “I don’t have a boyfriend.” 

“That’s not surprising.  You have too many rules to ever have one,” Nick said with zero sarcasm as he raised his hand to attract a waiter.

(c) Eliza David


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