BrewGirl Cover Reveal + What’s Next?

It’s official! BrewGirl has a cover! WOOT!


This dance is how I feel about this book.  It drops in a month (although you can absolutely preorder it HERE), the ARCs are out, and I am working on the final round of edits this MLK weekend.  BrewGirl is almost a done deal…so what’s next?

Because y’all know my itchy writing fingers can’t stay still for long – even though I promised myself that I’d do just that in 2016.  What can I say? Grinders gon’ grind.

One post-BrewGirl goal I have is to blog more.  As some of you know, I am a contributor to the Real Moms of Eastern Iowa parenting blog.  It’s been a great personal resource for me and I plan to add more entries to my page in the upcoming months.

I also plan to begin working on the plot summary of my hush-hush project.  It’s ‘hush-hush’ because I plan to formally query it.  My ultimate dream is to get published; I don’t know when that will happen but it’s really not a matter of ‘if’ – it’s happening.  This idea I have is a departure from the books I’ve self-published, so I want to take my time and mold it before I actually sit down and write it.

I’m guessing those two goals – along with pubbing the hell out of BrewGirl – should keep me busy until the summer. In the meantime, reserve your copy on Amazon and send me good vibes while I grind. Thanks in advance!



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