HAPPY FEBRUARY: BrewGirl Release Party + Meet The Characters

It’s the first of the mooooooonth…so click HERE and preorder BrewGiiiiiiiirl.

(Okay, I’m no Kanye.  My rap skills could use some work. Sue me.)


I’m just REALLY excited about the upcoming release of BrewGirl, a sexy romance about a feminist who falls in love with a chauvinist. You’re not expecting smooth sailing toward a cute happy ending, are you? (Have you read my books?)


RELEASE PARTY: Along with the team at Double Trouble Book Promotions, we’ll be co-hosting a Release Party for the novel on release day – Saturday, February 20th. Click HERE to RSVP for the event. (AUTHORS AND BLOGGERS – Click HERE to sign up for a takeover slot!)

Meet Zoe Taylor

MEET THE CHARACTERS: During the weeks leading up to the release of BrewGirl, I’ll be giving you a peek into my writing process as I created each of the four main characters of the novel. First up, of course, is my main character – Miss Zoe Taylor.

Stepping into the skin of Zoe was a challenge for me as a writer.  I was apprehensive at first because she is quite a departure from the main character of my last series, Cecelia ‘CeeCee’ Banks. She’s younger (35 vs. CeeCee’s 43), has a different body type than the sticks-and-bones CeeCee, and a whole lot of attitude.  A self-proclaimed feminist who avoids commitment like the plague, Zoe is a marketing exec at Windy City Brewery – a fledgling firm in need of a business jolt with their new Limerita knockoff called BrewGirl IPA.  As hard as she works, love eludes Zoe until she sets eyes on Nick Webster in a neighborhood bar.  Sparks fly and Zoe finds herself doing something she’s never done before: changing herself for a man. But is it for the better?

Stay tuned to the blog for future Meet The Characters updates. Next up will be the L.A. Loverboy himself, Nick Webster.

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