That’s My Best Friend: Meet Ben Ramirez + The Final EXCLUSIVE BrewGirl Excerpt

Eight. Days. Left. BrewGirl drops in eight tiny, little, miniscule days.

And I am SO ready!

Since this will likely be the final post before my RELEASE DAY PARTY EXTRAVAGANZA (you better RSVP, bih!), I thought this would be the best post to discuss a third lead character. Like CeeCee the Cougarette, Zoe has a BFF to hold her down and tell her everything she needs (but doesn’t necessarily want) to hear.  Let’s chat about Benito…
Meet Ben Ramirez
Much like Laney was to Cee, Ben’s our main character’s oldest pal, her sounding board, and number one confidante.  A friendship that sprouted in junior high, the boys-club camaraderie between Zoe and Ben gives BrewGirl its well-rounded feel.  Their familiar rapport almost makes you forget about the romance budding between Zoe and Nick, which Ben thinks is a bad idea.  He just knows that Zoe has no clue as to what she’s getting into with the slick L.A. Lothario – but is Ben’s concern genuine…or just genuine jealousy?

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Okay, I can’t hold water – here’s one final excerpt from BrewGirl before it drops on February 20th.  This takes us to Zoe’s workplace, where she meets Nick after their awkward run-in the week before:

A beep emitted from Zoe’s office phone.  She glanced at the screen and hit the speakerphone button.

“Hello, Diane.”

“Come on down to my office, dahling.  Want you to meet Nick.” Click.

Zoe stood up from her desk and began the short trek to Diane’s office, which was only two doors down from her own.  She was unsure of how to greet Nick after their sexually charged introduction at Guapo’s the previous week. The night she decided she hated his guts.  She had rejected him so she was sure his bruised ego would find a way to trip her up.  Still, Zoe turned the corner and entered Diane’s office with a professional smile.

Immediately, Nick walked to her with his hand extended. “Hi, I’m Nick Webster. Diane here has told me so much about the famous Zoe Taylor,” he said as he shook her hand and looked into her eyes as if he’d never met her before. “Pleasure to meet you, Zoe…or do you prefer Miss Taylor?” he asked with a smile.

Zoe nodded slowly and decided to play along. “Zoe is just fine, Nick.  Looking forward to working with you on the latest campaign.  In fact, I was just in my office working on edits when Diane called me.”

“Fantastic!” Diane exclaimed as she slipped on her sunglasses.  “I’m actually off to a luncheon downtown with Ted this afternoon, so Zoe, why don’t you take Nick here down to your office and get him up to speed on the edits you’ve made so far?”

Nick nodded. “Sounds like a plan. I’m gonna head to the restroom first before we begin.”

“Down the hall, on the right,” Diane and Zoe said in unison before Nick gave them a curious look and walked out.  “What’d I tell you? Nice ass on that one, am I right?” Diane said the moment Nick was out of earshot.

“Yeah, nice ass but it’s on a douchebag,” Zoe replied. “I met him at Guapo’s Friday night.”

Diane’s jaw fell into a semi-smile. “So you’ve already fucked him? Lucky girl!”

“Hell no!” Zoe cringed. “He’s an asshole.  Grade A.”

Diane frowned. “That’s odd; Ginger said he was a gentleman when she picked him up from the airport.  That’s why I suggested you two work on the launch together.  Give you a chance to get to him before the rest of the girls in the office did.  Thought you two would make a good match – in the boardroom and in the bedroom.”

Zoe shuddered.  “I don’t think so.”

Diane walked toward the door and paused as she noticed Nick returning from the restroom.

“Well, asshole or not, you two are working one on one with this campaign.  Learn to like him, dahling.”

She gave Zoe a once-over. “You know, fucking him might help you get over the fact that he’s an asshole.”

Zoe laughed as she turned Diane around by her shoulders and pointed to the exit. “Go to lunch, boss lady.”

As Diane waved her fingers behind her and left, Nick tapped Zoe on her shoulder.

“Ready to head to your office…coworker?”

He raised an eyebrow as Zoe caught herself staring into his eyes after a handful of seconds.

She squinted at him. “Nice act you put on there in front of Diane.”

Nick’s eyes widened.  “What act?”

“Acting like you didn’t try to get in my pants last Friday.  That act.”

“Oh. That. I still wanna get in your pants, FYI.”

Zoe put her hands on her hips. “But I still don’t like you, FYI.”

Nick leaned into her face with a whisper.  “That’s okay because I like you,” he said as he pushed a curly tendril away from Zoe’s forehead.  “And I will have you, Zoe Taylor.”

Zoe couldn’t take her eyes off of his until he backed away.

His voice returned to its professional timbre. “But first…we work.”

Zoe swallowed and turned toward her office, feeling the warmth of Nick’s presence walking closely behind her.  Her blood pumped and her face felt flushed. Although she wouldn’t admit it to him, Zoe was done denying it: she wanted Nick Webster before anyone else got to him. He was turning her on faster than she’d expected. Everything about him spoke to her senses: his doe green eyes, his slim muscular frame, his aroma. She silently thanked Diane in her head as she closed the office door behind them.

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