BrewGirl is finally here! BRAD PITT HAPPY DANCE TIME!

Thanks to all of you that preordered like good boys and girls.  You actually clicked the link and spent money on a book, sight unseen – God love ya! You must really think I know what I’m doing. (SPOILER ALERT: I truly don’t, but thanks for the support.)

Also, a special shoutout to all of my social media peeps that reposted and retweeted all of my shameless sales pitches. Being an indie writer is not a job one does alone so for all of you who even commented on a post or a blog entry, THANK YOU!  It feels cray cray to have Zoe Taylor out in the open after hiding in my brain for months, so I’m glad the bitch is free.  She’s your problem now, dear reader. (And trust me – girlie’s a handful!)


Starting at 12pm ET/11am CT today (February 20th), my good friends at Double Trouble Book Promotions will be hosting the BrewGirl Release Party.   Some of my fave indie author buddies (Phoenix Williams, Winter Travers, SC Daiko, Kaden Matthews, and MORE!) will be in the building, so be sure to RSVP and join us at this link to qualify to win all types of freebies!

BRewGirl Playlist

One of my favorite parts of my writing process is vibing out to music that fits the theme of the narrative.  BrewGirl is a sexy read, for sure…but the story is also about family, choices, and that tricky thing called trust.  The tunes on my inspired playlist (which you can follow via your Spotify account HERE) include what I think embodies the passion and the funk of the novel.  From Zoe’s favorite artists (Parliament and The Roots) to the rocker who screams sex much like Nick Webster (the oh so FINE Lenny Kravitz), you’ll find a little bit of everything on this soundtrack!

Thank You.png

Again, I cannot thank you – the readers – enough for your support! Whether this is your first time reading my scribbles or you’ve devoured the Cougarette Series, you hold a dear place in my heart.  I really hope you enjoy reading BrewGirl as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Happy Reading (and Happy Release Day to me!)

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