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The NaNo Diaries: The Only Writing Prep You Need & Three Ways to Get It

It’s the final week before Camp NaNoWriMo begins on April 1st.

Only one question remains…

No? TOO BAD. It’s coming…but what if…

What if you don’t have a completed outline?  Or your main character still doesn’t have a name?  Or you haven’t decided on a word count? Or the geniuses behind the Camp NaNo site set you up in a cabin and you hate your mates?  Or maybe YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE HELL TO WRITE ABOUT FOR THE NEXT THIRTY DAYS? (This is a worst case scenario, natch.)

Don’t panic – Mama’s here to tell you the one thing you absolutely, positively, no doubt need to kick shit off the right way come Friday morning.  One thing. Uno.

The will to write.

That’s it. Just get your butt in the seat each and every day during the month of April. Now I won’t wax poetically with a slew of ‘you can do it!’ inspirational messages. I’m a Planner so allow me to help you ‘plan what you can’ during these final days before NaNo Madness:

  1. Schedule It: Commit yourself to a minimum of thirty minutes daily to pound the keys.
  2. Sprint It: A Pantser by nature? No schedule? No problem. NaNoWriMo has an awesome Twitter account that holds sprints daily during NaNo events.  Be sure to follow them and turn on your notifications so you’ll know when a sprint is on the horizon.
  3. Say It: Self-accountability is essential during a writing challenge.  Tell your parents, sig other, spouse, children, or anyone who is willing to hold your ass to the fire regarding your literary plans and make sure they keep you on task to do this thing.

Also, enjoy these final days of sanity: read that book, go for a walk, hug your family…because your world is about to be up-ended.  People may hate you by the time this is over, but you’ll have produced words and that’s all that matters. Make up with your disgruntled loved ones in May – you know, before you become an insufferable asshole during the revision stage.

Share your last-minute prep advice for Camp NaNo in the comments below!

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