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The NaNo Diaries: Day Twenty – (On A Break)ing Up Is Hard To Do

Word Count: 19,140/35,000

Sanity Level: 4 through 100 (Keep reading…)

What I Love: I’m switching to another NaNo project.

What I Loathe: I’m switching to another NaNo project.

Take note of my current word count, please.  Approximately 1,995 of those words belong to an entirely different manuscript.  A manuscript that has now become my Camp NaNo focus.

Yep, that’s right – BrewGirl in Vegas is on a break. (Not a breakup, let me be clear.)


So what happened with BiV, you ask? I don’t know, to be honest.  The story just wasn’t flowing for me. After a while, I felt like I was trying to make fetch happen and, as a writer, you cannot force yourself to write what’s not inspiring you. That’s a hard lesson I had to learn this past Friday after falling into a mini-depression.  I cried. I drank. I watched VICE and cried some more (because yo, did you know that an Afghan woman can have her nose cut off for questioning a man? Shiiiiiit. Hell yeah, I cried.)  Then I took my weepy ass to bed.

I went to Chicago the next morning for the weekend (catch THAT drama here), pulled myself out of my writer’s funk, and came to the conclusion that putting BiV on ice would not only be good for the story but good for me as well.

Breakups are tough – I’ve had a few.  Breaking up with a book…or, in this case, about an eighth of a book…made me want to crawl inside myself. I was devastated and thought I was the worst writer in the world.  After that exercise in self-loathing, I decided to finally acknowledge that BiV needed to rest.

As my final contrition, I saved it in two clouds and on two flash drives (hello, psycho!) and moved onto my piece that I pitched to #DVPit on Tuesday.  Here’s the Tweet that (as of noon today) got fourteen faves from fourteen interested agents:

When Rebecca’s husband comes out, the divorcee goes home to run her mother’s mayoral campaign & falls for her opponent. #DVPit #POC #romance

You like that? I do and I’m enjoying writing it. It’s been a nice diversion so far.  It flows for me.  I don’t dread getting up at five in the morning to write it. No matter what, I am going to continue with Camp NaNoWriMo and see these final ten days through.  Most importantly, I am going to hit my 35K goal.  That, in part, is thanks to the first 17K provided by my ex-boyfriend BiV.

Who knows?  We might get back together one day, but right now…I’m seeing other characters.

Have you ever had to ‘break up’ with a project? 

Hit the comments to tell me all about it.

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