But I’m Boring as Hell: Four Myths about Romance Writers

So happy to make my appearance on LaQuette’s blog (you can check her out on mine as well), because ZOMG. I have something to get off of my chesticles. I understood that when I started writing about the other S word that I would get The Rep. You know…The Rep that comes along with the task of writing stories about men, women, and all of the relations involved. But what concerns me about The Rep are the misconceptions that come along with it. Oh, the questions I’ve been asked about my writing!
Has your mother read them? (Yes.)
Are any of the male characters are based on real men I’ve known
– biblically or otherwise? (Some…)
Have you ever dated a Jay, a Bryce, or a Nick before you got married? (Never!).

I know I’m not alone and neither is my chosen field of writing. There are hefty assumptions presumed about authors of any genre. Many a reader have wondered if acclaimed horror writer Stephen King is as sadistic as some of his characters. With romance and/or erotic writers, however, the misconceptions tend to be a little spicier.

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If I had the pick the most common ones, though…

  1. MYTH – We have voracious sexual appetites…or are severely undersexed:While there is expected to be a certain level of sensuality present in every romance writer, we aren’t hornytoads nor are we frigid. (Click here to read more…)

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