Book Spotlight: BrewGirl by Eliza David

Guess who’s the Book Spotlight on the awesome blog Musings of a Romance Junkie? Read on and get to know Zoe and Nick!

Musings of A Romance Junkie


One of the reasons that brought me back to blogging is all the new authors (new, as in “new to me”) that I meet. Eliza David has been around for a minute, and I am just discovering her! Well, she discovered me, lol, but I digress…

Ms. David specializes in writing about older women/younger men (and not the jail bait variety either). We always see the May/December romances, but let an older, more mature woman take a dip in the fountain of youth, and she’s got issues. Again, I digress…

BrewGirl is the latest stand alone from Eliza David, who has also written a series entitled The Cougarette (Book 1 is currently free at the time of posting). BrewGirl is on my radar because of this opening line:

What happens when a feminist meets the chauvinist of her dreams?

Say what?! She had me at feminist, but you know a…

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