Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight: My Chat with Phoenix Williams

One of my favorite indie authors that I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with is Phoenix Williams.  Born and raised in the Midwest (like myself), she has a knack for creating sexy characters with wild backstories!  From her To Love A No Good Nigga trilogy to Foolin’ Around: King and Reign – the first book of her latest… Continue reading Author Spotlight: My Chat with Phoenix Williams

Real Moms Of Eastern Iowa

REAL MOMS – The Autumn Body

Since spring doesn’t exist in Iowa, the late winter season can be deceiving. We got rain, hail, sleet, and snow during the month of April. There may have been some sunshine sprinkled in there, I cannot recall. The unpredictability of the weather lulled the laziest among us (ME!) into thinking that summer’s heat and high… Continue reading REAL MOMS – The Autumn Body